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      Autodesk: Clean Tech Partner Program

      Autodesk, our National Sponsor, is behind Cleantech Open contestants and alumni in a very sustainable way. The Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program supports early-stage clean technology companies by providing design and engineering software that accelerates their development of solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Clean tech companies in North America and Europe who [...]

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Venture Beat November 16, 2010 Abeo, winner of the Danish Cleantech Open and a finalist in the Global Ideas competition, is licensing ...

A Space for Great Ideas

IdeaSpace Global November 15, 2010 “Entrepreneurship is more than just the narrow pursuit of commercial success,” says Mark Marich, Executive VP Global ...

Use Solar, Save Lives

Global Entrepreneurship Week November 10, 2010 Evans Wadongo, a 23 year-old native of rural Kenya, has now dedicated his entire life to ...

‘Microbubble’ Innovation Wins Cleantech Open UK Ideas Competition

Fresh Business November 10, 2010 A new technology with the ability to accelerate the development of algal biofuels and transform the ...

ZenRobotics Robot Recyclers Go for Green in the CleanTech Open

VentureBeat November 15, 2010 For such an essential part of the green economy, recycling remains a dirty, messy business. Enter ZenRobotics, which adds ...


Oil Out of Troubled Waters

Two for the price of one is value for $$. FogBusters’ innovative technology does exactly that. FogBuster machines efficiently purify wastewater with a non-chemical, gravity-driven system that captures fat, oil and grease (FOG) in highly concentrated form for sale as biodiesel feedstock.  This transforms a manufacturer’s EPA-mandated water treatment program from a costly compliance obligation [...]

Suntulit: An Efficient Balancing Act

Ambient intelligence is Suntulit’s claim to innovation and how they got to be a finalist this year. Suntulit’s SMART HVAC—the first fully automated climate control system that fine-tunes temperatures in every room while cutting energy usage—costs up to 80 percent less than conventional multi-zone HVAC systems, installs in only two hours, and automatically learns and [...]

Silicon Solar Solutions Saves $$ for Solar

The company’s proprietary technology to crystallize amorphous silicon into large-grain polysilicon has applications in wafer-based and thin-film silicon devices. Demonstrating grain sizes 150 times larger than traditional processes, Silicon Solar Solutions’ technology eliminates processing steps and material, and has the potential to reduce the cost of silicon-based solar cells by $0.42 per watt. Silicon Solar [...]

Puralytics Cleans Up

Unlike most current water purification technologies, which can create known health risks or return all of the sequestered contaminants back to the environment, Puralytics uses light (either from LEDs or direct sunlight) to create processes that totally remove contaminants from the environment without any wastewater or chemicals. Initially targeting industrial and commercial facilities, Puralytics aims [...]

Waste Not Want Not

The Sustainability Award winner for California, Bellwether Materials, makes good use of shorn sheep.  The company makes insulation wholly from waste wool that is generated by the sheep ranching industry in the US. Chevron, our Global Partner, had a video crew following Priscilla Burgess, CEO of Bellwether Materials. Hear how Priscilla chanced upon this novel [...]